Engraving skill

In Shaw's workshop, designers, jewelers, inlays and jewelers collaborate at a harmonious pace.

Perfect interpretation of the design concept, precious stones carefully selected, the work of the interpretation of loyalty to the design drawings and carved gems, each step with passion leading to excellence.
In one of the largest senior jewellery workshops in Geneva, jewellery was first established. Gradually, the design drawings were sketched out and the outline of the jewels appeared. The ingenious design of the structure shows a sense of hierarchy, after the gold after careful carving, adjustment, scrub and polishing, the charm of the first. An elegant and exquisite jewel was born.
The inlaid artist accurately inlaid the gem to the right place, making the gold shine more dazzling.
The creation of such an advanced jewellery necklace requires the meticulous production of designers, jewelers, inlays and jewelers for nearly 340 hours.