Creative jewelry

Mosaic Technology

Brand using a variety of existing mosaic technology, and the invention of original technology, such as mosaic mosaic method, mirror mosaic method and hanging inlay method, each gem luster perfect presentation. Then a mosaic method with optical effect to make the gem if the general, more brilliant gorgeous


Since the establishment of the workshop in 1889, George Bernard Shaw brand has been gathered the best master craft. These masters have perpetuated traditional crafts and jewellery, and created innovative processes that will surely lead to future jewellery history. As a well-deserved gem carving master, the jeweler's first mission is to let precious gems release enchanting luster.


Jewel of the United States

 George Bernard Shaw's Art of Creation also lies in the search for unusual, refined emotional gems. Tony Bernard Shaw is deeply fascinated by gems: he has established networks around the world to look for the most precious, rarest and most distinctive gems. To him, a distinctive gem has a rare beauty, a power and a unique sense of beauty. Bernard Shaw's work has long been the most precious and ingenious collection of gems.


Gem Magician

 George Bernard Shaw brand for customers to create a precious gem with intrinsic quality, size and source of protection. To ensure the most precious and most desired gem franchise, the brand has always established a lasting relationship with quality mines. The core competitiveness of the brand is the ability to find the most outstanding gems.