Inlay is an art that requires the close collaboration of designers. When the number and position of the gem were determined, the craftsmen began carving the material, cutting off the metal crumbs at 1.1 points, and providing the location for the gems. Then they choose the gems that can fit the holes. Through the operation over and over again, the gem is inlaid intact. The mosaic determines the way the inlay is based on different styles, such as grain inlay, melon mosaic, gem inlay, stealth mosaic, Illusion Mosaic, guide-type inlay, and also to properly select the Gem cutting shape: round cutting, rectangular cutting, princess cutting or pear-shaped cutting. Precise operation, meticulous inlay and clever polishing, for jewelry to give the perfect detail decoration and unique charm. After the patience of the mosaic, each jewel will undergo a separate examination. In the George Bernard Shaw Workshop, the design of jewellery is subject to the characteristics of each gem. Our workshop is studded with more than 2 million gems a year.