Company Profile

George Bernard Shaw was originally founded in 1889, is a famous watch jewelry brand from England.

The Bernard Shaw family has a distinctive style because of its long history, the clash between different cultures, and the pleasing timepieces. Although Bernard Shaw's new form, but each series inherits the unique characteristics of the brand, very easy to identify: unique hands, art workshop, enamel dial, curved case, excellent mechanical mechanism, rare ores and Jiangxinduju limited distribution, all become Bernard Shaw (Bernard Shaw) distinctive symbols and symbols.

The subtle mechanical devices that move at all times are in the case. Its size and arc-shaped lines are transformation, and the movement of the height of the size of the fit, contains countless efforts. Different designs deduce different choices, desires and desires: the masculine texture of steel, the noble luster of gold, the constant constant of ceramics, or the lightness and elegance of titanium. Bernard Shaw firmly believes that every case has to go through at least 80 different processes to complete, which is the factory to the craftsman's dexterous hands placed on any mechanical tools. In addition, Bernard Shaw uses a unique shape of sapphire crystal Mirror, the design inspired directly from the 18th century pocket watch.

The boundless and stagnant Earth contains the glittering treasures of light. All kinds of rocks, spar and minerals remind us that nature is a wonderful artist. These treasures, which are conceived in the depths of the Earth or on the edge of the universe, can always bring us fresh and refreshing feelings. The beauty of George Bernard Shaw's mineral aesthetics is to capture the natural light of the stone and to decorate the watch's dial. The original rough material was polished, and it showed amazing beauty. In this way, Bernard Shaw's mineral-material watch is naturally different. The light, the color and the profound feeling are changeable, the mineral material therefore can sublimate, achieves the high esthetic realm.

The real luxury is rare. Thanks to its distinctive design and its limited edition, Bernard Shaw's watch truly interprets the uniqueness of art. The long pursuit of elegance and craftsmanship is the real meaning of a high-end timepiece, and is manifested through personalized custom services.